Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Travel by Pocket to Save Space

Dear Searchers of All Sorts,

Is your house a machine for living in?  Are your pockets and books a time machine for traveling by?

Pockets and evening bags are salted in anticipation of rediscovering stubs and ephemera-  I continue to leave my Alban Gerhardt ticket in my over coat, so I can visit the concert again and again; next year, late fall.  I will recall his breathing and swaying in unison with his cello; bow streaming back and forth.  He and his cello were transcendent, and remembering the two, even after 20 years, yields frisson.

A subway pass in a raincoat, from 13 years ago:  I pull out the wrinkled paper square and the rain, the gray and the damp of Paris.

There are notes and lists in cookbooks and poetry volumes-  “register for hat class; talk to E. re: schedule.”  Or, a diagram of dishes to serve at a party, with bowls and platters labeled and assigned to “almond bean dip” and “artichoke toasts.” 

Sometimes even matchbooks from far away places, like Jack’s Waffle House.  

If you'd like a little contextual overlap in today's entry, try Alban Gerhardt's audio section, and listen to a track from Solo Cello, titled Kodaly: Sonata for Solo Cello - Allegro maestoso.  This music was composed just a few years before Le Corb wrote his Vers Une Architecture.