Friday, May 17, 2019

White Freightliner

Dear Blues,

A song for you today, in three versions. 

Now that you know it, here are the chords so you can play it yourself on your back porch.  Don't you  just love the way the song sounds like the engine and the truck and the road and the speed of going?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

the debate continues

Dear Women,

I have been considering the Bundt pan as a symbol of the tyranny and shaming of 'decluttering' for nearly two years now, and it turns out I am not the only one to recognize the Bundt pan as a weapon in the raging war of 'stuff' vs. 'organization.' 

Why the Bundt pan?  I found it being sold at a friend's house in a garage sale and my friends' explained their Marie Kondo induced epiphany vis-à-vis the Bundt pan.  They used it barely once a year, and really, even though the cake was delicious, they only made it once a year.  The cake may have sparked joy, but the pan did not.  It couldn't be kept for such a minute fraction of duty.  I mentioned that it might be a problem when one wanted to make it and there was no pan, but this wasn't even audible in the landslide of stuff they were shoveling out their garage door.  They were headed for a new life, in a new town, and they needed less and different stuff for their new life. 

So be it.  I guess I can't rescue every Bundt pan in every home in every town.  A one-woman crusade to save occasional cake-making? 

I give you this article, on the politics of kitchen spaces; see what you think about it, and enjoy, above all else, the freedom you have to hold onto your Bundt pan or to give everything away.

Friday, May 10, 2019

optimism in sound

Dear AM,

I left my bed this morning: the covers, the pillows, the cats, and the window filled with pale gloom sky, and turned on the radio to find this sound.  It will be today's song of the day, and I thank my DJ for bringing it to me.

They say, and they are right, that it's the little things.  I had no reason to be ambivalent about the beginning of the day, but I was, and the round, surfy sound of this song's guitar really changed my mind about what the day might bring.  Remarkable.  One look, one chord, one little bird flapping by and it's all worthwhile.

This kind of turning on a dime is something I'd like to invoke, or refer to, in making a painting or drawing. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Fine for a while.

Dear Influencers,

What you are building.

You are building a world.  For people, if you like, but maybe for dogs or horses, or even all three, but the point is, you are building it.  You are choosing what to give to your citizens, your habitués.

 Your people can have whatever you give them.

Don't underestimate the power you are wielding.  You don't have to have your people grow up, or face the facts, or learn some tough love.  Nope, you can keep it nice and easy and light and friendly and fun. 

And tonight will be fine for a while.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Last Flowers?









Friday, April 26, 2019

Times 3.

Dear Radio Heads,

Today on Radio Dodo we have a choice of three songs for today which are the same three songs.  Me, I can't decide which is the best.  See what you think, and write to me at the station.  Send an SASE and I will mail you an autographed photo.




Thursday, April 18, 2019


Dear Popcorn & Junior Mints,

You know how I am always talking about how manipulative films are?  How you are led into a dark room and then blasted with enormous imagery and deafening sound and made to feel things by the movies?  Well, that's one reason I don't often tell you what I think you should see at the movies.  It's a powerful medium, and a huge responsibility.

And so I take my chances, I take the risk of harming, boring, or insulting you, and suggest that you watch this wonderful film made by Isabella Rossellini.  Since I am in such a loose mood, I also suggest you see this wonderful film, Woman at War.

When it is all over, and you have come home to your quiet house and your packet of candy is empty, I hope you will remember some of the important things from these two films:

Making so you can know. 
Umbrellas can be offered. 
The world is beautiful.
Singing is required.

Friday, April 12, 2019

jumping jehoshaphat

Dear Jumping,

I remember when I first tried to lift both skates off the ground at once, a tiny jump, on my 40th birthday.  I was way beyond reasonably pleased with myself for doing it, because I was so afraid of it.  I have been hopping here and there ever since, and thinking, "gee, sure is slow going, getting good at jumping." 

I love to watch people roller skate almost as much as I love to skate.  I always believe that if I watch it enough it will assimilate into my feet.  Some of my favorite skating clips I have watched over and over.  This one has absolutely revolutionized jumping for me. 

The film is made by a skater known as Dirty Deborah Harry and she also speaks about critiquing one's form and efforts.  What she says about negative self-talk is mighty important, and I was so happy to be invited to begin to stop thinking about myself as not brave enough.  Sometimes, though, when you decide to stop being something or another, you have a little trouble choosing what you will be instead.  There's a little void there and it seems to need filling.  My top choices to be, instead of fearful, are plucky, valorous, spunky, spirited, and dashing.  The idea here is that if I fill in the space that fearful leaves with one of these other adjectives, I won't end up with something that sneaks in, something like foolish, rash, or rock-stupid.

All of the Dirty School of Skate videos are very good; if you aren't already watching them, I hope you will try them.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Good tools.


Dear Working Hard,

I have mentioned these knives to you before, I think, but I wanted to remind you about them.  It's an absolute wonder that such nice tools are available to us.  You can get one of these handmade knives for about $250.  While you are shopping, consider one of these beautiful leather objects, too.

With these nice tools you get a lot of the hand of the craftsperson, some of their spirit.  These things are made with oodles of attention and great fondness for the materials and methods.  There is a lot of feeling packed into an item you will hold nearly everyday.  You can't go wrong with a handmade tool.

The fellows who make these knives and these leather goods are just as nice a people as you have ever met, to boot.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019