Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Next Nest

Dear Ones,

An image of a delicate wasp nest.

This nest is beyond compare, but I have an artist to show you whose works seem related: 
Manon Gignoux.   Her work is the next three images.

Oh, I also wanted to give you this; another little delight from the data stores of the ever-eclipsing
internet:  The Glass Engine

Until we next meet....

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today's word, from the estimable AWAD folks, is chartreuse!  I have been savoring a wonderful book titled The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth that began for the writer (Roy Andries de Groot), in a question about Chartreuse the liqueur.  The book's reading began for me, in a dish of gougeres in leek bechamel that looked like a painting.  The dish came from here.  The book came from here.

Let's say it together once more:  chartreuse!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Down rivers


and here is the poem, by Philip Levine.

Rain Downriver

It has been raining now since
long before dawn, and the windows
of the Arab coffee house of Delray
are steamed over and no one looks
in or out.  If I were on my way
home from the great chemical plant
on a bus of sodden men, heads rolling
with each swerve or lurch, I would get
off just here by the pale pink temple
and walk slowly the one block back
and swing open the doors on blue smoke
and that blurred languauge in which two
plus two means the waters of earth
have no end or beginning. I would sit
down at an empty table and open
a newspaper in which the atoms
of each meaningless lie are weighed
and I would order one bitter cup
and formally salute the ceiling,
which is blue like heaven but is
coming down in long bandages
revealing the wounds of the last rain.
In this state, which is not madness
but Michigan, here in the suburbs
of the City of God, rain brings back
the gasoline we blew in the face
of creation and sulphur which will not
soften iron or even yellow rice.
If the Messenger entered now
and called out, You are my people!
the tired waiter would waken and bring
him a coffee and an old newspaper
so that he might read in the wrong words
why the earth gives each of us
a new morning to begin the day
and later brings darkness to hide
what we did with it.  Rain in winter
began first in the mind of God
as only the smallest thought,
but as the years passed quietly
into each other leaving only
the charred remains of empty hands
and the one glass that never overflowed
it came closer like the cold breath
of someone who has run through snow
to bring you news of a first birth
or to give you his abrupt, wet blessing
on the forehead.  So now I go back
out into it.  From a sky I can
no longer see, the fall of evening
glistens around my shoulders that
also glisten, and the world is mine.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Dear Ones,

I have been thinking about you.  I have also been thinking about a sand painting, by Rosie Yellowhair.  It is in the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and it is titled "Navajo Emergence Story."  I wasn't able to find an image of it to share with you; but I did find some other sandpainting by Ms. Yellowhair (I know; her name is such a delight!). 

This image is a Thunderbird.  I found it on this fascinating website.   You might be tempted to suppose that there is something to be skeptical of in the sandpainting- not at all.  It was there, on the CSI site, to illustrate visually what a Navajo Thunderbird looks like.  I'll bet you were just like me, and didn't even know that there was a question about Thunderbirds actually existing in times past, perhaps as a sort of companion animal for Sasquatch?  Nearly all foolishness aside, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry does exist, and thank the gods and goddesses of Reason for it. 

Until next time.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

P. P. S.

But what, exactly to make a Mom?  How about one of these?  It can be made easily with felt or paper- even yesterday's newspaper could make a fetching rose to give on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

P. S.

Oh, I almost forgot,

Click here, and then come back...

are you here?  Good.  You might want to give a Mother something this Sunday.  You can't throw a peace sign without hitting one of us- we are everywhere.  It's always best to make something for Mothers, because the world is so full.  However, I have two things to recommend.

For Mother's with email, this.

For Mother's with feet, this.

I was feted two days ago in honor of my own Mothering ways- a drive in the country,  a visit to Mortensen's, a spree at Superbuzzy, and a double session of roller skating!   What could be better?

a little nesting

Dear Cleaners-in-Spring,

and here is another nice nest.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

pitcher picture

Dear Ones,

Here is a thing that is wonderful...  I asked Harvey for a pitcher of water.

Harvey made me this:

Here is something else Harvey made.