Thursday, October 17, 2013

Missing You

Dear Fellow-Robots,

Of course, I miss the days we'd try to turn a double dutch rope, but now we can... what is it we can do, again?  Let me just check with Wikipedia on what it was we used to do....  In the meantime, enjoy the following visual and auditory message.

One more remembrance... I hope you are one of the lucky ones, and you will go to your HiFi and you will place your ears into the cushioned embrace of stereo headphones, plug into your receiver's 1/4 inch audio jack, set the disk to spinning, and ever so gently, guide the needle on its arm over to the vinyl groove.  What you will 'click on' here is an instantaneous, but pale shadow, of a transcendent auditory experience.  Just lie there, o fortunate ones, the whole 8 minutes,  near to the record player and listen to the sounds go to and fro in your head.  Do it for all of us.