Thursday, November 21, 2013

leaves of the season

Dear November Days,

     Take a look at these autumn leaves.  We made them yesterday at a local place for making, Boyd & Bradley and Dudleya.   Read a little more about them, here.


     The leaves are Nuno felted- which means 'cloth' in Japanese.  It is distinct from other types of felting in that the wool fibers are wet felted onto a woven (in this case silk) inner layer.  This allows for a much thinner, lighter felted item. 

     Another freshly raked pile of Autumn Leaves for you to jump into.  Notice how lovingly he plays his guitar- he is almost waiting for the notes, rather than playing them. 

     Oh, here's another one:  This one is beautiful dialog of sounds.  A love letter, really.

     I know, it's just too much, too wonderful, but here is Les Feuilles Mortes.

     No one's watching, take just one more....


     And, Sisters, take a little piece of the space Grace Jones has hacked out of the world of men and sexual power, and keep it, for yourself- take a little bit of that strip tease:  Because she gave us that, and it isn't for men; it's for girls and women everywhere.  And all that you do, too, each day, too, is just like that, it isn't just for you, it's for all of us, when you poke a little stick at the gigantic, sleeping, lumbering stereotypes, inequalities, and injustices that we live in the shadows of.