Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rock the Boat

Dear Doormats of Doubt,

At the bowling alley yesterday, two nice young college boys with clever T-shirts were talking about what songs they ought to learn on their guitars.  The one said to the other he thought certainly "Let it Be."  I thought, silently, "yes, he ought to learn that one."  And today, I thought of another he should learn:  Changed the Locks.

This song is here to pump you up.  When self-doubt dogs, answer with a verse or two of this.  If you are still unsure, repeat.

Those two songs should get you through the entire year, come what may.

Oh, if you do decide to change the kind of clothes you wear, I hope you will consider this shirt:

If this one isn't your color, look at these other Scully shirts.  Get one, even if you don't have a guitar.
And, Rock the Boat, too;  it's imperative.