Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just a Closer Walk withThe Principles of Design

Dear Gazing out the Window,

A few days ago, I was giving a lecture on The Principles of Design.  You know them: Balance, Unity, Proportion, Rhythm, & Emphasis.  You cannot go wrong with these five, walk with them and you walk in beauty.  But, I digress;  in reading about Rhythm, I was directed to the fabulous Yoruba Talking Drum, as explained and demonstrated by Ginger Baker.  Yes, the same Ginger Baker, of Blind Faith.  I played this song over and over on my parents' turntable.  The record just appeared, out of the blue, in the family collection- I imagine it must have come into the house when my uncle Mike died- he was an artist, and what they used to call a free thinker.  Well, Ginger led to Blind Faith, and Blind Faith led to Van Morrison, and then it all led to Just A Closer Walk with Thee.  Could you follow that?


In the Presence of the Lord

Be Thou My Vision

Just a Closer Walk with Thee
(one, two, three).

Think just as freely as you possibly can, dear ones!