Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Red


Dear Art Appreciating,

I finished a little thing, an object I hesitate to call a sculpture, because that sounds so purpose-built.  I am feeling like this little remains of a weathered shrub and I have had a collaboration.  We have merged our suchness and become one.  Still, why the hesitancy to use the word sculpture?  Let me tell you a little joke that we painters make:  Sculpture,  ah, yes;  that's what you bump into when you step back to get a better look at a painting.

Another little joke painters like to make is this advice on how to succeed in painting:  If you can't make it good; make it big.  If you can't make it big; make it red.  I give you here, a painting that is good, big and red, by Robert Motherwell, titled Phoenician Red Studio.

Phoenecian Red Studio is in the collection of the Guggenheim, Bilbao.  Read a little more about it here, if you like.  Two other good big reds follow:

Untitled (Red, Orange) 1968
From the Fondation Beyeler collection,
Basel, Switzerland.

The Red Studio, Henri Matisse.
From the MoMa collection, NYC.
More on this work, here.