Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shaker Lemon Pie.

Dear Lemon Heads,

Do not make this pie. 

I am trying a little reverse psychology (is this working?). You don’t want to take the time to make a pie, I know. You don’t want to have it around, because you will eat it; I know. You cannot believe how much sugar is in it, and you don’t have two lemons in the first place. Okie-dokie. Following today’s suggestion should be a breeze.

Since you aren't making this pie, you won't need the recipe, here.  You won't want to sing lemon Tree, as you slice, either. 

I sprinkled extra sugar on top of mine, and then scorched it properly under the broiler- because, I had heard author Jennifer McLagan talking about her fascinating book Bitter.  You can hear it too, right here.

Another?  And another? 

Wait, you don't know who Princess Unikitty is??!!  She is a heroine for our age, and an absolute favorite of mine.  Better watch the whole Lego Movie- you won't regret it.