Friday, February 6, 2015

Touched by the Pixies

Dear Shane,

I don't know where you learned to be who you are, but I got a lot of my best stuff from old movies.  For example, I learned how to part one's hair from Veronica Lake, and how to slouch and squint from James Dean.  Have you seen that slouch?  His whole being is draped & dripping over his skeleton, and it communicates a carelessness and a beguiling come-hither.  It's dynamite; pure dynamite.  I learned to how to be funny from Lucille Ball, and how to do everything from Lauren Bacall.

Yet, there is still more to learn from old movies.  I learned a most excellent new vocabulary word from Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (no, not Mr. Smith Goes To Washington) a few weeks ago- Pixilated.  It isn't the word that means ugly little squares of digital data, that word is pixelated.  This word has a second letter 'i' and it is used to describe one who has been led astray by pixies.

It's The Talk Of The Town, this word, use it for the forces of good, and love it, as I do.


I learned how to use garlic in a sauce, too, from another old movie with Jean Arthur:  If You Could Only Cook.  Too bad You Can't Take It With You, but Only Angels Have Wings.  The More The Merrier, I say, but The Devil And Miss Jones is one of the best.  Oh, dearie me, Where Is My Mind?