Friday, May 8, 2015

Tie My Laces.

Dear Well-Wheeled,

I wonder if you know about this little internet device?  You use it to fantasize about your 'dream roller skates.'  Then, if you get a tax refund, or you sell an old toy (can you believe what people collect?!) on Ebay, or some other pleasant windfall comes your way, you can order some custom skates from a place  like Riedell Skate Buys, or Connie's Skate Place or Sin City Skates.

But that is only step one, next you fantasize about how you will skate on them, and how it will empower you to roll around in utmost confidence.  Here is a little romp to inspire this phase of the roller day-dream.

Yes, it has been a fun day, all this role playing, so what is next?  Well, you must step out on the pavement in earnest, of course.  We stepped out recently, and added a new skating rink to our collection, too.  The Holiday Skate Center in Orange, California.  This makes 31 rinks skated at in our collection. 

Which brings me to what might be my point- what to collect?  Dishes are too fragile, and dolls get dusty.  Gemstones too expensive; cars all need insurance; shoes fill up your closet (actually, this is totally irrelevant- the only thing better than a collection of shoes is a collection of roller skates).  Even stamps can become cumbersome.  Bottle caps are good, but even they can be a nuisance should you decide to move to a new town. 

Today is a good day to begin your collection of National Parks you visit, treasures you view, alleys you bowl on, submarines you board, carrousels you ride, steam engines you see in museums, floating hotels you sleep in, ice creams you eat.  I can tell you from experience, you don't even need to take photos to document your collection.  Wear sensible shoes, and bring a pencil and paper, to jot down the time and place of your latest addition.