Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another Day, Another Song.

Dear Ready,

Another lovely song, that my DJ played for me, and I will now play for you.  Won't you join my all-girl band?  You don't have to be a girl, even, if you don't want to.  This is the song we are practicing this week:  I Still Miss Someone.  We still need more people for backing vocals, cowbells, and maracas. 

I Still Miss Someone
Recorded by Johnny Cash
written by Johnny Cash and Ray Cash Jr.

C              F          G7
At my door the leaves are falling
    F         G7        C
The cold wild wind will come
                 F    G7
Sweethearts walk by together
    F       G7       C
And I still miss someone

         F    G7
I go out on a party
    F          G7     C
And look for a little fun
             F        G7
But I find a darkened corner
        F       G7       C
Because I still miss someone

  F         G7         C
I never got over those blues eyes
  F        G7    C
I see them everywhere
  F          G7        C
I miss those arms that held me
     F       G7       C
When all the love was there

         F        G7
I wonder if she's sorry
    F            G7    C
For leaving what we'd begun
                F      G7
There's someone for me somewhere
    F       G7       C
And I still miss someone

Bring a tuxedo for the performances.  We'll want to look sharp, too.