Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pale Blue Dot Valentine



Dear Readers,
February is the month of the Dodo's birth, or more properly, its unveiling, its debut.  We enter our fourth year together, and it is a good time to renew our vows:  Of course I still love you.  Hurry and join me in loving all these things, all this world of variety and interest-  spice and sugar are everywhere!
To clarify further, I attended a recent pipe organ concert (I collect them, you know) and the organist, Cameron Carpenter, was speaking to the audience about Bach's passacaglia.   He explained that it contained everything, like *Mandelbrot; a mathematics thing that everyone loves to love but remains  arcane to me as a metaphor;  but the point that was clear to me was that he meant everything in the Universe and he very carefully delineated what all he meant by everything.  I mean to say to you here and now that you mean everything to me, and I mean that you mean everything in the universe.
* However, ask me anything you like about almond bread and we may converse fluently!
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