Saturday, July 30, 2016

Talkin' 'bout things.

Dear Wondering, 
You remember a few days ago I mentioned cello music and I didn't want to forget to tell you to listen to this fine cello music here.  My dj played a track called Things Fall Apart* a few weeks ago and I rushed right out to the internet and bought the whole production, called Reversal
Some of you remember the night, so long ago, when I fell for the cello and its' player.  To say I fell, to say I crushed on, as they do say now, is like saying, at the edge of the Grand Canyon, "Look, there's a little water carved depression in the landscape here."

This is family show, though, so I won't describe the feelings I have for a cello and its player, whomever they may be.  Let us say that the way the cello and its player breathe together is shockingly intimate and to see it and hear it is a very fine treat.

*  Which makes me think of Der Lauf der Dinge.   A little more on the artists, right here.  I am also thinking now of Things.