Friday, January 13, 2017

File under: No duh.


Hello my little chickadees,

Work here at the Dodo is never-ending, and the work is accomplished by many satellite field workers and agencies doing research for the Dodo.  One of the core contributors sent this news of chicken intelligence recently.  Of course, you regulars already know that chickens are not the bird brains we have been told they are, and you know money rules the world, that the sky isn't really blue, and you probably enjoy your observations being proved right occasionally by official, scientific studies. So savor this little snippet of evidence of that which you already know, and observe on, my amateur naturalists and hen husbanders, observe on....

Perhaps your goal for this year is to embark on a new and rewarding relationship with a chicken or two?  Here is a useful resource:  You won't regret keeping chickens; it is a real pleasure.  Oh, and if you aren't all that into 'book learnin'," never fear, chickens will thrive on benign neglect.  When we got our first flock of four, I asked the feed store folks what I needed to know, and they responded with a quizzical "Need to know?  Nothing."