Friday, May 4, 2018

To coin newly.

Dear Rocketeers,

You are going to want to take a look at this more closely.  I bet you are wondering just how I came upon it in the first place.  Well, it all started yesterday when I was contemplating Jay DeFeo and trying to remember her name.

Her paintings are unforgettable, but I misplace her name fairly regularly.  The following night was punctuated by a repetition of the word 'neologism,' which I could not recall the meaning of.  I would wake frequently, and remind myself to ask my bedmate about it in the morning.  The next day I received this image:

This image is an 'amuse-bouche' by artist Spencer Finch.  Looking at Spencer Finch's work, I was reminded of Edward Tufte, whom I thought I ought to check in with, and that's when I found his great sculptures.

But what of 'neologism?'  I believe it may have arrived by way of another recent human interaction defining the word 'larping.'  Or, maybe it was because I am looking for a word to describe the kind of pseudo- or quasi-scientific art projects of some of the aforementioned artists.  Jay De Feo might need a new word, too, to describe her use of paint as a means of attaining sculpture-scale mass.