Thursday, April 18, 2019


Dear Popcorn & Junior Mints,

You know how I am always talking about how manipulative films are?  How you are led into a dark room and then blasted with enormous imagery and deafening sound and made to feel things by the movies?  Well, that's one reason I don't often tell you what I think you should see at the movies.  It's a powerful medium, and a huge responsibility.

And so I take my chances, I take the risk of harming, boring, or insulting you, and suggest that you watch this wonderful film made by Isabella Rossellini.  Since I am in such a loose mood, I also suggest you see this wonderful film, Woman at War.

When it is all over, and you have come home to your quiet house and your packet of candy is empty, I hope you will remember some of the important things from these two films:

Making so you can know. 
Umbrellas can be offered. 
The world is beautiful.
Singing is required.