Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dear You,

I am tired of trying to be polite about this, and actually, it might have been kinder if I had told you how I felt from the beginning.  I wanted you to accept me, to like me, to hear me.  I regret my lack of confidence more than anything.  I know you won't let me down, and I should never have doubted you.

It's a life and death matter now, and everyone now knows it, so, I need you to be honest about this, I need you to say something out loud, I need you to act on it.  I need you to mourn our luxurious lives.  I need you to sacrifice for beings less fortunate than you.  I need you to voluntarily use less of what you currently use, and I need you to come out on Friday and stand around the gazebo in the park with me:  Global Climate Strike

See you there, my humans!