Thursday, January 30, 2020

Another rink and triple that.


Dear Ones,

This month I finally got to the World on Wheels rink in Los Angeles.  Skating there brings my total rinks skated to 39.  Look out number 40!

What can I tell you about this rink?  It was like so many I have been to, in Texas, in Utah, in Maine: It was filled with happy rolling people of great variety, and I hope you will join them soon. 

World on Wheels has a smooth and well maintained wood floor, and the rental skates looked well cared for also.  It has an unusual split level building, so you enter the rink at the bottom of two carpeted ramps.  The ramps are a wee bit intimidating, but there are hand rails on both walls, and everyone is sharing the space and the challenges of the slope, so there isn't any real difficulty.  It is interesting to watch the round and round of the rink from the higher vantage point.

One especial thing to note about WoW is that it is back from the beyond- it opened first in 1981, and was closed in 2013.  But happily, in 2017, re-opened under new ownership.  Still, just to be on the safe side, get to it soon.  They never re-opened my town's rink, and there isn't hardly a shred of evidence that it ever even existed.  It was just last year that I reluctantly threw away the flyer I had for our old rink with the phone number and the price for birthday parties.  And what does that mean, you ask?  Well, I guess it means that that is the end of that.