Saturday, April 4, 2020


Dear Needled,

I am contemplating a yarn project.  Two things come to mind, plus a roadblock.  One thing is socks.  I have never even tried to knit them, because they are all fussy at the heel.  You have to make your tube of delightfully easy and repetitive knits and purls turn a corner, like some kind of Le Mans chicane!  It is nearly unfathomable.

The second idea is this octopus, which is really beautifully and fussily executed.  It's like 8 tiny socks!  Four times as hard as the socks, I reckon, but no heels.

The roadblock is the inevitable mistakes I will make in thin, delicate yarn.  But no, that's not right; the mistakes are just what they are, it's my feelings about the mistakes that are the real issue.

To make or not to make?