Monday, November 15, 2021

A project.


Poketo Wave Comb

Dear November,

I have not forgotten you!  Quite the opposite:  I know you are here, the time of the soft light and the low sun, and Orion lying on the ridge each evening.  I am happy to know you, November!  I have been busy, because you know how it is, December is coming, and November, as usual, is mainly used to prepare for December and January.  But, you remain a favorite, and I have been shopping for gifts for you!

This year, I thought you might like a pink tortoiseshell comb, a rain coat, and a jar of crunchy chili condiment.  I also thought you might like this link, to a wonderful poetry project at the MoMA.  I got it from a friend, and I hope you enjoy it.

Until later this month!