Tuesday, June 21, 2022

fun, fun, fun (or else)


(Drawings of ham can shapes- is drawing fun?  What about looking at drawings?)

Dear All,

The time has come; today is the first day of summer (or, if you, like me, prefer to think of the Solstice as a liminal space in between Spring and Summer, you have the rest of the day to make your plan for tomorrow, the true First Day of Summer), and like the man said (my brother): we are committed to having fun twice a week, and if you don't have any fun in a week, you must have fun four times on the following week, and if you miss next week's fun, you will have to have fun six times in the third week.

Ever since sometime in 2020, I have been trying to conceive of what fun even is (for me), and I think it may have fled to the Neverland that 'happy' went to.  I wasn't that bummed about 'happy' leaving, because I was okay with its pale shadow, 'contentment,' which seemed so much easier to achieve.  One thing about 'happy' (& 'fun' for that matter), is that I resent it always being my job to generate, find, or make it (yes, I know that homemade is best, but the tinned stuff is so much easier).  Couldn't the government issue some or something?  How about a local non-profit that supplies fun to those in need?  Well now, this is just me complaining, which, is not fun.  

Defining fun as that which it is not has been about the best I have been able to do in the months leading up to this summer's planned marathon of it.  And yet, I do have some words that have coalesced from contemplation of the word 'fun':  terrific, delightful, charming, awesome, delicious.  These words form a suggested list of possible fun(-ish) for the week:

Terrific, absolutely.

Delightful, and inspiring, even.

Charming, very.

Awesome, and ambitious; drop whatever you are doing and see it now.

Delicious, incredibly.


All the usual thanks to the friends & lovers that have turned me onto these things and ideas (because fun doesn't happen in a vacuum, although, maybe it could happen while vacuuming?).