Friday, March 31, 2023

to do/done/diy


Minoan Snake Goddess

Dear Darlings,

You have heard already, of the stacks of lists, notebooks, scrap paper of to do's that are scattered like stars over all horizontal surfaces here at the Dodo.  It might seem like things are humming along on schedule from your side of the digital interface, but, from my viewpoint, it sometimes feels like despair.  

Let me be plain; I want to send you some messages about fairy eggs, Anthony Gormley, Edna Lewis, honeycomb mould, Renilde de Peuter, and Julie A. Hersh.  The delays in getting these great things to you are varied like the bunting:  Attention issues, insecurity, muddleheadedness, etc.  If you just can't stand the wait, you can sniff out some of these topics, a DIY blog post, if you will.  If you won't, have patience, and also, let's talk about Julie A. Hersh, and how she came to me, as everything does,


Several quarters ago, I watched, in the course of my duties as Dodo writer, a documentary on book shops in NYC.  I don't really recommend the film, it's presentable, but not great.  If you are a doc film zealot (six modes!), then, okay, knock yourself out.  For the rest of you, know that in my search for something of deeper substance in this film, I watched some of the bonus/extra junk, and a Sci Fi 'zine was mentioned: 

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet:

When I say that this magazine is good, and you should get it, I mean that it comes only quarterly, it's on nice, plain paper, it is crammed with interesting voices, and you can get it in a special 'chocolate bar' package.  Yes, they get you! and me, and they ship it to you with a large, enjoyable chocolate bar!  In number 45, from last year, there was a delightful tale titled 

Snakes and God, by Julie A. Hersh:

The hitches in getting this information to you have been the aforementioned mental issues, including the additional fact that I kept on misspelling her name, and thought also that she was Jane, not Julie.  Once I overcame these banal difficulties, I still had the biggie: it's not digitally available.  So, we come again to the DIY portion of today:  Search out Julie A. Hersh and her writing, and read some of it, it is really good, and curious, and filled with thin membranes, and it fluctuates in a satisfyingly pluralistic way between point of view, category, mood, & place.