Monday, May 22, 2023



Scissors, Richard Diebenkorn, 1963.

Dear Viewers,

Today, our project is to remember not to underestimate the mundane, the everyday.  This Diebenkorn painting of scissors is as much proof as anyone needs.  While you are further contemplating this work, listen to this, your song of the day.

Do you want me to start you off?  Consider first how breathtaking a concept it is that the paint is the scissors, the paint is the surface the scissors are on, and the paint is the air between the two.  See how the paint holds up the blades, like a little hill?  See how the paint, the brushstrokes, fit around the blades?  See how the sky of paint crushes down on the handles?  See how the whole thing makes a formal division of the space into four triangles?

I think we might further extend this project, just this once.  You are out of music, by now, of course, so have this second Minuit song, and while you are listening, make yourself a little drawing of your scissors, and see if it isn't just the nicest thing.