Friday, May 17, 2013


Dear Ones,

I have been thinking about you.  I have also been thinking about a sand painting, by Rosie Yellowhair.  It is in the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and it is titled "Navajo Emergence Story."  I wasn't able to find an image of it to share with you; but I did find some other sandpainting by Ms. Yellowhair (I know; her name is such a delight!). 

This image is a Thunderbird.  I found it on this fascinating website.   You might be tempted to suppose that there is something to be skeptical of in the sandpainting- not at all.  It was there, on the CSI site, to illustrate visually what a Navajo Thunderbird looks like.  I'll bet you were just like me, and didn't even know that there was a question about Thunderbirds actually existing in times past, perhaps as a sort of companion animal for Sasquatch?  Nearly all foolishness aside, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry does exist, and thank the gods and goddesses of Reason for it. 

Until next time.