Friday, August 16, 2013

Listen, Skirt

Greetings, O Capable Ones!

Today, a wonderful one-hour project for you....don't be shy, step right up!  To be sure, you'll need a little more than one hour, because you'll have to read through this, and watch the tutorial once through, and gather some ingredients and tools:

sewing machine (or, more time, more patience, and a needle and thimble)
elastic; 1 inch wide
1 or 2 yard of fabric

One thing- you will want to pre-wash your fabric, so that your skirt won't shorten or shrink.  Ironing the fabric after the washing tames it, making cutting and seaming easier.

If you are timid about cutting up your fabric- you can make a practice skirt with an old sheet first.  Also, if your skirt isn't as right-on as you'd like, you can cut off the waistband and make napkins out of it in a jiffy.

Here is your tutorial, from the lovely Brett Bara. 

Now, for your hour of skirt sewing fun, some music choices:

For calm, methodical workers, for extra nervous cats, for beat-loving seamsters.

Happy stitching!