Friday, May 2, 2014

The Baker Abides

Dear Wondering,

I bet you are wondering what I did with the rest of the almond paste I made.  You will recall the first half went into the Napoleon Hats.  The second half of the almond paste went into a slight variation on a cookie that I made several years ago now, from the former crown of the magazine year, the December issue of Gourmet.  Why would they stop publishing such a terrific magazine?  I know it can't be that they hate me at Condé Nast, but it felt that way, when they abruptly pulled the plug on my subscription, and offered me the 'take a can of...." recipes in Bon Appétit.  Well, that's all water under the bridge now, but cookies continue.


These lovely layered almost-cakes are a small variation on Italian tricolore cookies.  Here is the Gourmet recipe I followed, with just a little bit of paste food coloring in red, and raspberry jam instead of the umpteen drops of red and green and the marmalade.  They are excellent with the marmalade, too.  The thing is, these take patience and the best chocolate you can get.  If you like chocolate and experimenting with patience, you will want to make these miniature Sean Scully slices.  They taste beautiful and look delicious. 

 Brown Mirror, 2002.

Cut Ground Grey Grey, 2011.

Rothafen, 2011.

Shenandoah, 2006.