Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Dear Ones,

I am away today; but I have a little game you can play while I am gone:  An Internet Scavenger Hunt.
For the most fun, you might ask a friend to play alongside of you.  See who can find the most items in the least time.  Or, you could play it differently, and search only for the few items that sound intriguing.  A third way you might play, is to turn off your computer, and go out-of-doors and look for a small stone, a feather, and a nice green leaf.

Item 1:  A stack of pianos being played.

Item 2:  Rosalie Sorrels singing Way Out in Idaho.

Item 3:  Shampooing in space.

Item 4:  A plan for building a hovercraft out of leaf blowers.

Item 5:  A map showing the location of all the Gutenberg Bibles in the world.

Item 6:  The history of Hopscotch.

Item 7:  Annie Oakley shooting in Edison's Black Maria.

Item 8:  An Esther Williams swimsuit.

Item 9:  A Flea Circus.

Item 10:  A 1920's Raccoon Coat for sale.