Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What's a Name in?

Detail of The Impossible Black Tulip, Matteo Ricci,
woodblock print, published by Zhang Wentao, 1602.

Dear Friends,

As you ponder your existence (and I know that you do- and you should know that I am with you, and that we are doing it together, even though we never mention it out loud), and you wonder just what you are, you could, at the very same time, have the letters that make up your name encoded on a microchip, and sent, with all of the blessings of space flight technology, right up to Mars.  Does that sound compelling, albeit in a rather remote and virtual way?  Well, step right up folks, and come inside....  Here is a link to the blog of a friend of mine, and it will be your gangway to the planets.