Sunday, November 29, 2015

Get it? Got it. Good.

The Leader of the Luddites.
Hand-colored etching, 1812; in the
collection of the British Museum.
Dear All,
I needn't explain to you, after all this time, all these heartfelt exchanges, where I am coming from here-  you know already, and I am happy that we can be there for each other.  From time to time, I feel a little puny & tiny, a little too marginalized in my outsider place;  paralyzed, ostracized; whole technologies have passed me right by- my Brothers and Sisters talk of television shows, music, games, apps, and social media that I don't have the foggiest notions of- I am relegated to the attic, I am not relevant. 
You might, feeling as I know you do, find yourself in a similar funk.  As the man who built our house says "Be thee of good cheer." 
Somewhere, there are places for us.  Here is one now.
PS  Another little something.