Thursday, May 26, 2016

Instant Improvement: Just Add Suit.


Dear Quadruple Threats,

Isn't it time we studied one of the greats?  As I often tell myself regarding great paintings, we must be encouraged and inspired by demonstrations of outrageous skill (will you look at his outside edges!).  We must not turn our backs in sad dismay, give away our skates (or paintbrushes) muttering: "ain't no way I'm ever going to be that smooth."

Gene Kelly would be very sad to hear that his exhibition of skating made us want to give up our own puny gliding and pushing, and so I intend to watch this repeatedly, until I can feel it in my feet, and to acquire, by osmosis, a teensy bit of Gene Kelly's mad rolling genius, and then manifest it in my own ploddingly joyful skating. 
One thing that might instantly improve my skating is the addition of a fedora hat- although, I believe what is worn in this clip is more properly called a trilby- or maybe I will try a tailored jacket.  The Goodwill store is full of wonderful menswear blazers and they will probably even fit over my elbow pads.  There is a fellow, in fact, that I have seen skating at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, on Tuesday organ nights, with outside edges such as Gene's, and he wears a suit when he skates, too.  Want to read more on this 66 year old treasure of a skating rink?  I'll bet Gene Kelly skated there, and your Mom, or even your Mom's Mother!
Your suit won't be limited to roller skating, you can skateboard in it, too.