Tuesday, November 8, 2016

these lines

Dear Luvs,

It was over a decade ago that I first noticed on a book jacket Joan Didion's dark under eye circles-  they were devastatingly sexy.  I wasn't sure then if I should dare to hope for such bags under my eyes, but, the gods have smiled upon me, and I have them, and they are sexy.  I take a lot of photos of myself in light that emphasizes them.  I shudder at the idea of eye creams that would lessen their appearance.  I smudge eye shadow, mascara, and kohl on them, to make them appear more prominent.

If you don't believe me, have a look at some images of Joan D. She is very photogenic, of course, but even mortals like me can have a moment or two of this kind of raw beauty.  Why is she so beautiful?  I think it is because she is whip-smart, and also tough, aware, kind and...I was going to write the word 'sweet' but I thought that she might not want me to say so, so I will use the word compassionate instead.

Of course, the very best way to see what Joan Didion looks like is to read what she has written.  But I warn you, it will change you, you will want to be a writer, you will hock your fur stole for a typewriter; you will send your children out to play in the street will you scribble in notebooks.   You will want bags under your eyes.

When you get done reading Joan Didion, you oughta read another of my favorite dames, Patti Smith.  I am savoring every word of M-Train this fall.  I hope to recite it to you without looking by March of next year.