Friday, February 10, 2017

My Lucky Number's Here.


Age is just a number.  So is weight, and visual acuity; heart rate.  Height, pants size and GPA.  Shoe size and bust measurement, cholesterol and bank account balances.  BMI.  Lottery jackpot.  Highway speeds.  IQ.  All these numbers are out to diminish your esteem.  So if anyone hands you that bit of cold comfort, that some measurement or other is 'just a number' you know what to do:  deck them with something very un-numerical, like the back of your hand.

When you have done with that, you will need to really try, and try harder as time marches on, to pretend that these numbers mean nothing to you.  Practice now for a minute or something that might be a number that is more than one.  You see what I mean?  Now we are stuck with noticing that we can only meditate on the meaninglessness of numbers for 30 seconds, and not a full minute or more.

I bring all this up, because there is no way to live comfortably with these numbers, and acknowledging this is at least honest.  I also want to thank you, earnestly, for your four years of attention- the Dodo debuted four years and 388 posts ago, on February 10, 2013. Thank you very much, and please tune in again soon!