Friday, March 3, 2017

The hands that forge.

Dear What's Cookin',

I know it's long past December and January, and now February has faded, too, but I've been dying to tell you what I got for Christmas:  A hand-forged kitchen knife!  Wait until you see it!  If you come over, I will let you try it, but if you can't drop by, let me tell you that using it to slice is a delight!  It isn't just another blade, it's a whole new experience.  I am wishing for you to get one under your tree next year. 

Take a gander at the whole beautiful process, from segment of rail car spring to finished tool, it's a long and lovely journey!













 All photos by Dennis Kehoe.

Isn't it marvelous what a skilled craftsperson can get from fire & steel?  I wonder if you should wait as long as December... and anyway, you'll want to get your order in early!  Here's where to begin.