Saturday, April 22, 2017

Let me hold your hand.


Dear Nearby,

I am trying so hard to funnel the goodness of my words into the touch of my hand.  I figure that if I say nothing, I cannot be misunderstood.  If I say nothing, I cannot offend.  If I say nothing, I cannot wound accidentally.

When you feel the light of the sun or the moon, do you receive the ages also?  Does that light shine on you with the force of all the world that came before?  The ancestral beings?  Are they also contained in the air we breathe?  My success in reaching you depends upon so much that I do not know.

Perhaps the life I have is actually in large part yours.  Perhaps all those people over there are responsible to us.  What we say here may matter very much.  Take extreme care and please use caution in speaking.