Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sacred Calf

Dear Little Dogies,

You know, I could report to you every day about the marvelous things I see behind the wheel of my automobile.  A few evenings ago, I passed a particularly lovely slope, just after a sweeping horseshoe curve, that I have often seen remarkable sights in- coyote, vultures, some cattle now and then, a shrub, windwolves. 

On this particular evening it was being traversed at a complementary angle by a cream colored spotted cow with a beautiful, brand new calf by its side- the lowering sunlight shone on it's new face, and oh! what a sight!  So new, and so pale- all soft grey spottings at its head; it was an absolutely sacred cow.  This calf could turn you into all kinds of believers, it was that beautiful. 

I tried to fix it in my mind forever, so I could return to it and that moment over and over, because it was a moment that had no doubts, had no questions, no anticipations, no desire- it was a moment that was just full, just right. 

I have seen so many things like this, and I fight like crazy with my mind and senses to save them, but they often fade a bit, and they gather doubts, and they become lost often permanently.  What a terrible, awful pity this is.

PS  Are you aware that dogie (as one hears in the cowboy guitar songs) means a 'motherless or neglected calf" according to Webster's?