Tuesday, December 26, 2017

In Beauty it is Finished.



Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Do you wonder, sometimes, what you are supposed to do with these pictures I keep sending you?   I can make some suggestions, but you are under no obligation whatsoever.  You might just want to turn away, and not even look. 

What I am going to do with this picture is allow it to completely change what I think a mural ought to look like.  I will let it alter my notions of how time and movement can be depicted in two dimensional work.  I am going to stack up figures and put them in rows.  I am going to ponder the words 'in beauty it is finished' over and over, in columns and lines.

This mural is on the wall of a laundry in Kayenta, Arizona.  It depicts a portion of this Dineh chant, which is your song for today.  The mural was painted by artist Hyuro.  I am completely charmed by her work!  I think you will be too!

Take a gander at this, too.