Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Dear Makers & Bakers,

A few days a week I am gainfully employed, but I always bring my lunch, because I want to maximize the gainful part of earning money (so I can buy more shoes, skates and guitars).  Sometimes I forget my sad sack lunch and I go to the feed trough cafeteria and it is all right, in a stainless steel and good intentions way.  They sell things like grilled cheese sandwiches and plastic cups filled with cubes of melon and bags and bags of chips and cans of caffeine.  I have three times purchased their Caesar salad in a noisy, clear clamshell box with 110 croutons on it.  I have tried a few other things too, a gringo burrito (which is inexplicably and universally adored by other customers), a ham & cheese, a pulled pork sandwich.  What really looked good though, and I finally tried, after 2 years of considering it, is the Big Sur Bar. 

Well sir, it is good.  Really pretty darned good, and now I have had it three times.  Three times is adding up, so now I am trying to Make My Own.  I am inventing the recipe entirely, based on reading the ingredients.  The bar has a sort of a bland base, with whole, identifiable stuff stuck to the top: coconut, almonds, oats, chocolate chips, etc.  I decided it might be held on by honey, so I made mine with honey and lemon marmalade mixed into the top layer. 

It's only my first stab at it, and I am not ready to give a review of my results, but if you'd like to get going on eating one, and then trying to concoct your own copy, here is a link: https://bigsurbar.com/