Monday, April 16, 2018

What color is that?

Dear Friends,

You know I have this part-time gig talking and reading about Color for Art, which is sometimes called Color Theory.  The word 'theory' refers to an idea or system of ideas used to explain something.  It always likes to be next to another noun.  Here are some examples:  Doughnut Theory.  Ugly Sock Theory.  Miasma Theory.

Explaining things is nice; it's fine and dandy even, but just mucking around and messing about with materials seems to stick better with folks.  They sort of discover it on their own, and I think it means more to them that way.  It's just a theory, though.

We have a lot of mucking about with color time together and we have some nice music, slides, and maybe a film, and I hand out copied pages from things that pertain.  This Spring a lot of pages are coming from this fine book:  The Secret Lives of Color, by Kassia St. Clair.  It's a delightful little history of the known world in tidy little chunks.  It's a bit like Bill Bryson's books; especially Home.

You will be delighted by this book, and so will everyone you know- it really is perfect for any reader you can find.