Sunday, March 24, 2019

Beyond the three r's


Dear Everyone,

Of course, changing your wheels is fine, but I prefer to have skates set up for all eventualities:  The rink, the ramp, and the road.  Actually, I would add the porch, too, because I like my trucks a little sloppier (looser) in small spaces, and I like them tight when things are faster, rougher, scarier.

I thought I was doing all right with six pairs of skates, but I sold one, and so that leaves only five, and really, I don't wear two of my pairs of skates much at all, because I have become so used to the heel on my high boot skates.  What is reasonable, you might ask?  Well, six used to feel that way.  Many years ago I saw an image of skate's sofa, with many pairs, maybe nine, under it.  Recently, I saw an image online of a shelf with over 12 pairs.  I mean to say, I feel pretty puny about my 5 now.  Is 12 my new goal for reasonable?

I have always loved the way these look, and these, and these, and now there are these, too.  Would I want to add these?  Or some of these?  Just like Betsy Ray, in the Betsy-Tacy Books, I dearly love the 'choosing.'