Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Etymology & Definition


Dear Everybody,

Well just who in the world wouldn't want this?  It's a site that lets you research what words were coined in specific years:  Check it out here.

When I am not reading about words, I am thinking about them.  For example, what are 'feelings'?  Are those thoughts that come faster than usual?  Or, does it mean the sensation of rough wool on your elbows?  Or, is it a construct of ideas and ideals, like the feeling word we use so much, 'love?'

Love is not the same as "I care for you," but it can include that action and statement.  F'rinstince, I love words and I love thinking about them, but, I do not really water them like plants, or make them a sandwich like I do my flat mates.

So, today, join me in thinking about what the word love and care mean, or, take a nice romp through the above website and find another word to think about, but, know that I love you and care about you.