Sunday, February 28, 2021

one thousand


Vintage Skates, from Etsy.

Dear Counting,

Well, here we are, here I am, on the 1000th day of roller skating.  Let's do a little roller dance to celebrate, shall we?

In 12 years and a thousand consecutive days of skating, I have only convinced maybe 15 people to try it, and made converts out of 6 or so.  It's slow work, exhorting y'all to have some fun.  But, I blame myself; if I was more persuasive, if I asked you more often, if I didn't lose confidence in my conviction.

Think about it, and I will ask you again, a hundred days from now.


Think about this, too:  Maybe you wonder what kind of people would like roller skating?  Here is a short, but by no means complete list!

People who like wheels, people who like shoes, people who like ice skating, people who like excitement, who like yoga, skiing, riding a bike, skateboarding, riding a scooter.  People who like to wear socks, people who like trying new things, people who like trying old things; who like to dance, to jump rope, to unicycle.  People who like stilts!  People who like cats, dogs, horses; people who collect stamps.  People who like to dive, to fly, to walk, and to listen to music will all like roller skating!