Friday, December 24, 2021

Happy Nostalgia & Merry Tradition!


Ellsworth Kelly, "Green with Red," from "Suite of Twenty-Seven Color Lithographs," 1964-65.

Dear Culture Critics,

Here we are again, trying to parse this great lummox of a Christian Juggernaut Holiday, with our secret love for red and green wrapping paper, Las Posadas, and glittery gifts (remind me to tell you about the ne plus ultra of glittery gifts that I received this year).

Whatcha gonna say?  Happy Solstice?  Season's Greetings?  Merry Winter?  Who ya gonna call?  Elves?  Rudolph?  Frosty?  Zwarte Piet?  Kalle Anka?

Well, it may not seem kind of me to bring it up on this holiday eve, but be careful how much of that Tradition and Nostalgia that you drink: is it something you built, or something someone else receives power from your yoking yourself to it?  

Here's to a better world next year, filled with new traditions that you make yourself, from scratch.