Saturday, December 25, 2021

One thousand three hundred days.


Dear Readers & Rollers,

Guess what today is!  A very big day!  Today is day 1300 of consecutive roller skating!  To celebrate it, I hope you will roller skate.  If you can't do that, maybe watch this film of some damn fine skaters.

It is also time for my regularly scheduled enjoinder that you should roller skate too!  In 2007, when I got my first adult pair of roller skates, there was only one YouTube video on roller skating; made by a wonderful roller derby player named Cat.  Now, well, now you can take your pick of terrific and free video instruction.  It's a wonderful time to roller skate!   There are many shops, and a lot of skates to choose from, in a pretty large range of prices.  

If you are feeling shy about searching the internet, here are a few links for you to try:

A shop.

A tutorial.

Another shop.

Another tutorial.

A place you can rent skates.

A pop-up rink.

A manufacturer of skates.