Thursday, January 20, 2022

Over & over.


Dear Camera,

Every time I see this building, I take the same photograph of it; at least, I think I do.  It was a kind of shock to me, once, when I found that I had bought essentially the same color of lipstick over and over across the years and types.  At first, I thought this was a mistake on my part, and I tired to buy some colors that weren't the same color, but, it was harder than I thought, and the colors that strayed markedly didn't look good on, so, there you are!  If a photograph is good to take once, it's good a thousand times!


This is not the photo I take over and over, and you can see why I don't, can't you?  It isn't worth taking a second time.  Anyway, I want to get this building into my possession, so I can turn it into a roller skating rink that serves espresso!  I know, won't it be great?  All these caffeinated folks with wheels on their shoes!?