Wednesday, December 28, 2022



Oyster bed.


Dear Curious Oysters,

Have you wondered, long, hard, and deep into the night just how the Dodo is made?  Where do these notions come from, and how are these serendipitous snippets assembled?  

Well, I'll tell you: one thing leads to another.

Here is what an early draft or rather, sketch, of a Dodo post looks like:

it's the nature of place!  Sand, at the beach, shifts, is moved, drawings and writings in it are erased by waves.

disfrutar: to enjoy.

Seele im raum  poem by Randall Jarrell


And this is one version of what such a diagram could become:

Eland Cave, South Africa.

Dear Antelopes,

All is reflected and revised by everything; this looks like that, only when it is next to the other thing.  When I look out my window, the orange house cat under the tree is larger than the palomino on the slope across the road.  Such plasticity of meaning and truth is pretty intoxicating.

The reason I write to you here is to tell you about the nature of the place and space and time I am in at this moment, which of course, is already gone.  Such a silly pastime, to capture tiny things and try to stab them through with itty bitty pins.  

And yet, I want you to hear from me, because I care about you, even when you don't hear me, or when you don't feel like listening.

To further elaborate on the soul in space, here is a poem of great beauty by Randall Jerrell.

Would you like a little more Randall Jarrell?