Tuesday, January 31, 2023

1700 Days.


Dear Rolling Skaters & Everyone Else,

Well, here we are!  Day 1700!  Did you imagine it?  I sometimes think back on my second pair of skates; I got them in 2008;  Strawberry Moxi Lollys.  They were a size too big for me, but I skated on them for a year, before getting a better fit in a low boot Riedell skate.  I missed the Lollys like mad, so I then got a pair in Floss- I still have them.  The low boot skate, a 595, is being used by my sister in law.  I also have, and have had, several other pairs.  Right now, I use this skate primarily.  It is the bomb!  It has incredibly stiff ankle support, which suit me and my joints beautifully.  Still, it's worth noting that I never would have tried such a stiff boot in my early days- they are like those wonderful Italian hiking boots; you have to wear them to get them to love you back.  

But what kind of discursive narrative is this?  Who starts with the second pair of skates, and trails off to the second to last pair?  What am I trying to say to you, dear ones?  I bet you can guess!  Skates come and go, but skaters are forever.  So don't fret about the numbers, the frequency, the proficiency, because none of that is where it's at.  Roller skate for one of these reasons:

You never have,

you always loved it when you were younger, or

you love it already.

(See how I have covered the past, present, and future?  Impressive, no?  Also, note that you don't have to love it every time, or every day, or every minute.)

With all of this in mind, you are now ready to borrow, beg, or buy some skates!  Here are the kind I want to try next:  Chuffed Skates.  Let's meet again in one hundred days, as usual!