Sunday, October 23, 2022

1600 Days.


Dear Skates and Skaters,

I sprained my ankle, and it has been a hilarious and very short daily skate for the past few weeks.  The first day I don't think I rolled more than 8 feet out and then back!  I shoved my hugely swollen foot into the boot with the laces as loose as possible, and shambled painfully up and out, with the help of my paramour.  By day nine I was rolling on my own, but, never far and never well.  It's feels like going back in time, to when I first tried skating- it's awkward, and clumsy, robotic and stuttering.  

You should know that I did not sprain my ankle skating- I was just walking, like everybody does, minding my own business.  It was a bolt from out of the blue.

If your ankle is not sprained, I hope you will go out and try roller skating!  Here's a great first lesson for you.  If your ankle is sprained, well, do be careful, stay off your foot, and maybe watch this video and fantasize about which color of beautiful light up wheels you might want to get!