Friday, September 22, 2023

at last


Dear Readers,

At long last, I have found who I want to be; whom I would be, if I had a photographic memory, command of several languages, a huge library of read books, and a really big brain:  Helen DeWitt.  Oh, yes, you will want to be her, too!

I am going to be studying her hard.  What does she wear, what does she do, and, of course, I will read all her books and writings.  Because I Am a Fan.  Which reminds me of Carrie Brownstein's book, which you should read in between Helen DeWitt titles.  You should also take a minute and see what you think of Olivia Rodrigo.  (Because, if, you know, godforbid, I should fail at being Helen DeWitt, and I stumble at being Carrie Brownstein too, well, hotdamn, I still have Olivia to try for!). 

Until next time, I will be continuing to consider How to Become What I Want to Be. 


Massive thanks to dear friend M, for giving me Some Trick sometime ago!