Tuesday, March 19, 2024

if the shoe fits


Dear Everyone on the Internet,

My goodness!  Have you seen this???  You probably have; and you should have told me about it!  It is endlessly pleasurable to configure your sneakers; over and over.  I made 6 different pairs, and didn't press 'buy' on a single pair.  Don't worry, I will, in a few months.  I read someplace, ages ago, that one way to unlink your addictive actions from wanton desire was to wait 30 days to see if you still felt that burning need to own a thing; a thing like this, or maybe this.  You can see how sobering up a bit might prevent an impulsive person like myself from ordering such a thing deep in the lonely hours of the night.

And, to be clear, I kind of like the anticipation:  Next month I will configure my pink Chuck 70's with red stitching again, and maybe, just maybe, even buy them!!!

Oh, and here is your song of the day; She's Wearing Shoes without Heels.  Elvis Costello has a shoe thing, you know; this song, oh!  I love this line: "Cheap white plastic shoes, that don't walk out and don't let in."  And, of course, there are the Red Shoes.  Can't you just imagine Declan the singing poet?  Taking Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes name, and then writing the song of Red Shoes?  Such a beautiful bit of instigated acausal connecting principle.  Of course, he could have called himself Carl, too....